Founded in 2020, Kaiya Collective is an independent visual art production company based in Sri Lanka and dedicated to crafting unique narratives that reflect the diversity of the Indian subcontinent. Our mission is rooted in the intricate layers of geopolitics, anthropological nuances and aesthetic dimensions of storytelling.
The collective operates across various formats, including film productions, documentaries, workshops, artist residencies, film analysis and discussions. Through these collaborative efforts, Kaiya Collective actively fosters a dynamic and inclusive environment that encourages the exploration of the cinematic language across different artistic disciplines.
Having honed their skills through participation in Locarno Open Doors 2017, Kaiya Collective sees every artistic endeavor as a continuous and evolving process - a genuine artistic practice.
Our focus lies in artistic processes that engage with and encompass local, international, and diasporic communities.

Kaiya - in sinhala කයිය - means a gathering of people for co-operative work in order to achieve a common goal. In colloquial terms the word Kaiya is also used to express the idea of aimless big talks with no results. It was a conscious decision to name us as Kaiya Collective, with the ultimate intention of make our big creative talks a reality.

Suranga D. Katugampala

Filmmaker / Producer

Harsha Disanayaka


Prasad Hettiarachchi

Visual artist

Malshan Fernando


Davide Gorla

Theatrical / Actor coach

Judith Happuarachchige